Love, Charity and Peace

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  members of my quilting guild, AAQB, made quilts for children with Sickle Cell for community service.  This day celebrates MLK's life and legacy, and is also the only national holiday federally designated as a day of service!  

*Quilt by Catherine Wooten, Chair of Sickle Cell program at AAQB

*Coronavirus Disease 2019:

Update in Maryland- 1/18/2021
328,214 confirmed cases 
6,596 deaths   9,455 recovered

Update in New York State - 1/18/2021
1,255,971 confirmed cases 
41,173 deaths    116,502 recovered

Total in United States: 24,062,636 confirmed cases, 398,884 deaths
Total Worldwide: 95,517,587 confirmed cases, 2,039,056 deaths

* All numbers are taken from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center