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Ex-Library Books

Recycling the covers of ex-library books
New life for ex-library book covers.
cover of artist's book
I have written about paper created with the pages from ex-library books,
but I haven't talked much about what I do with the covers.
Depending on the condition and size, I usually strip the boards.
 I cut the boards and rebind them.
After binding them I paint them.
 Touch: I am interested in the textures and feel of these books.
These covers are being prepared for an upcoming exhibition at a local bookstore this summer.
Red book created from covers of ex-library books
Created from ex-library books, each will contain an original story in the form of a poem with linocuts/illustrations.
This is a detail photo of the cover of the Red book.
There are about 10 more steps before each book is complete.  I will post them before the opening of the show.


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